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Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set
Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set
Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set
Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set
Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set
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Yukon Glory Grill 'N Serve Premium Set

    • PREP, GRILL, SERVE, SEAL - Are you planning on having a BBQ this weekend? With this amazing 7-piece grilling set that includes 3 stainless steel perforated grilling baskets, 1 tray that fits all baskets at once, a bamboo cutting board, a sleek plastic sealable lid and 1 universal handle, cooking and serving different kinds of food at the same time – and keeping everyone around the table happy – is now easier than ever before!


    • GRILLER'S GIFT GALORE - This set acts as the best holiday gift any outdoor cooking enthusiast can hope for. Full of amazing features, the premium materials and simple storage will make this a set that is appreciated for years to come


    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN WITH UNIVERSAL HANDLE: Your new BBQ set also includes a convenient handle that clips and unclips on any basket to ensure easy and safe serving even for the hottest grilling pans! And the best part? The smart tray that can hold all 3 baskets at once, will catch any juices to keep your table spotless. Less time cleaning, more time enjoying your barbeque! [Tray: 17.5” x 11” x 1.75”]


    • BONUS FEATURES - Our Premium Set comes with a beautiful bamboo cutting board which is custom-designed to store in the drip tray. Our signature orange lid makes the serving tray perfect for storing leftovers or for taking this set on the road!


    • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: When it comes to the BBQ accessories you use to prepare food for your family and loved ones, there’s no room for cutting corners. All of our grill baskets and other BBQ accessories are made with nothing but premium quality, food grade Stainless Steel, and are constantly being subjected to rigorous quality control. Heavy duty and extra durable, they will never rust or corrode!