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Cast Iron Sear 'N Serve Set

Cast Iron Sear 'N Serve Set

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  • TAKE YOUR GRILLING GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL - Are you planning on having a BBQ this weekend? This amazing 5-piece BBQ set that includes 3 cast iron grill trays - 1 large stainless steel serving tray that houses each cast-iron tray and 1 universal clip on handle, cooking and serving different kinds of food at the same time is now easier than ever before!


  • SEAR MARKS THAT WILL LEAVE YOU SALIVATING - These cast iron trays will provide the starkest, deepest sear lines on your chicken, steak or veggies, for a great look and an even better flavor


  • EVERY UNIQUE FLAVOR - Cook each dish separately and allow flavor profiles to remain separated, then serve your dishes together on the cast iron serving trays for beautiful, easy tableside feasting


  • NO GLOVES, NO STAINS - The clip-on handle is tough enough to easily lift each cast iron stovetop grill pan from grill to table, and removes the need for gloves or cumbersome built-on handles. Simply latch the handle onto your cast iron steak grill tray and effortlessly move them. At over 8" in length, the handle is a safe, sturdy tool for transporting hot cast iron


  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Both the handle and the stainless steel base pan are dishwasher safe, but the cast iron trays should be hand washed, patted dry, and then seasoned with cooking oil

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