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Welcome to the Yukon Nation

The Yukon Nation is a team of BBQ lovers dedicated to promoting their passion for grilling. Join the team by signing up below and begin receiving commissions on orders you create.

Program Details

The Yukon Nation affiliate program is hosted by ShareASale affiliate marketing program. We offer commissions on all attributed sales.

• Commission rate: 8% on all orders.

• Average order value: $65

• Attribution window: 45 days

Want to receive Yukon Glory products to review? Fill in this form and our support team will be in touch.

Make Comissions in 1,2,3

1. Send your vistors to Yukon Glory.

Link to our site through text links, banners, social media posts or from our product datafeed.

2. Customer makes a purchase.

If a customer makes a purchase within 45 days, you will receive credit for the sale.

3. You get paid!

You receive commission payments the second month following the date of purchase through the ShareASale affiliate network.


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a great way for you to make money from your website or blog! We offer a way to earn commission by sending traffic to Yukon Glory. This is done through pre-made HTML links (banners, text links, data feeds on products etc.). We supply everything so all you have to do is sign up and copy and paste the links.

The Yukon Glory affiliate program operates through ShareASale. Their interface keeps track of real-time sales. ShareASale also provides a way for you to run reports and monitor your advertisers, their links, and YOUR commission.

Does Yukon Glory provide free products in exchange for exposure on social media?

We do – for the right partners! Fill in this form with your information and our support team will review your request and respond.

How do I sign up and what does it cost?

Becoming an affiliate partner is FREE. Simply click “Join the Yukon Nation”, then follow the easy steps given to fill out the form. You may cancel at any time and there is no minimum sales requirement.

Why should I sign up and join the team?

You will discover that our broad assortment of products will provide value to your customers and generate new revenue for your website. Low and high traffic sites can easily earn robust commissions.

How often will I be paid?

Checks are sent monthly after the second month. If your commission is less than $25, then the total amount will be carried over to the next month. Once you have surpassed $25, you will be sent a check at the end of the next month.

Can you explain the commission structure?

Yukon Glory pays commission in the form of a percentage of sales (8%)  that come from your site or social media page.

What can I use to promote Yukon Glory?

You have access to a large number of banners, logos, text links, product pictures and descriptions. Extra tools are provided for you to customize what you want. Need something more? Reach out to our support team at and they can provide you with additional material.

How do you know if I brought the customer your way?

All links you use through ShareASale will have a unique identifier. Every time a user clicks through,ShareASale will track it! If a sale is made within the specified number of days, you will receive credit and a commission.

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