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Yukon Glory 2-in-1 Spatula Tongs

Yukon Glory 2-in-1 Spatula Tongs


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  • TWO TONGS ARE BETTER THAN ONE Flip out over the two tong solution, never again drop your delicious patty on the ground when you miss your mark


  • WON’T DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT Secure, heat resistant rubberized handle keeps gives you a tight hold while flipping your favorite beef, chicken and fish


  • CAN TAKE THE HEAT Premium stainless steel material designed with easy grip, rubberized handle measures approx. 16 inches long body, spatula tongs head 3 inches wide


  • EASY CLEAN UP Fast clean up, soak, hand wash or throw in the dishwasher but whatever you decide know that it will be easy as 1,2,3


  • UNBEATABLE MATERIAL Made of premium stainless steel and designed with the professional and amateur chef in mind, make grilling that much easier

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