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Condiment Caddy For Blackstone Griddles

Condiment Caddy For Blackstone Griddles

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MASTER YOUR GRIDDLE: Create the ultimate griddle experience with this easy to install caddy designed exclusively for Blackstone griddles. Caddy includes a removable squeeze bottle holder and hooks for all your griddle tools.

CLEAN WORK SPACE: Keep your griddle space neat, clean and uncontaminated by raw meat residue. Drop your tools into the caddy for convenient storage

PREMIUM MATERIAL: We are also tired of grilling tools that fall apart, that’s why our tools are made with premium stainless steel that lasts through many grilling seasons

LOADED WITH FEATURES: The caddy comes with a removable squeeze bottle holder and 5 C-hooks with dedicated holes to hand your griddle tools such as spatulas, tongs and so much more

FULLY COMPATIBLE: The griddle caddy is compatible with the 28” and 36” Blackstone griddles (1517/1825 models). Easy installation allows you to have your caddy up and running in under 10 minutes (NOT DESIGNED FOR THE PRO-SERIES OR TABLE-TOP)

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