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Grill ‘n’ Serve Tray

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Yukon Glory 4 in 1 Premium Stainless-Steel Grilling, BBQ & Serving Tray The Yukon Glory innovated Grilling BBQ & serving Tray is a multipurpose Tray that serves 4 purposes, it serves as a Grilling Basket for Grilling & Barbecuing vegetables, meats and other similar types of food, it serves as a Serving Tray, equipped with folding side handles and having a retentive metal surface it is the ideal grilling accessory for serving hot food, it serves as a Warming basket for cooked foods and the bottom part of the tray serves as a cooking pan, overall this Grilling, Cooking & Serving Tray is an excellent multipurpose grilling accessory, a must have for any outdoor and indoor grilling event.

DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL – Grilling & Serving Tray is made of 100% Durable heat-Resistant Stainless-steel that will not bend or become damaged by heat, it’s designed to last log.
and is designed with 5 roasting pockets for grilling differents kinds of food at once.

ENHANCE YOUR OUTDOOR GRILLING & BBQ EXPERIENCE WITH THE MULTIPURPOSE GRILLING / SERVING TRAY – The BBQ & Grilling Tray has 5 roasting pockets for grilling differents kinds of food at once in addition it has with small holes designed to allow for air to pass through while simultaneously maintaining the necessary heat to deliver superior evenly cooked delicious and tasty grilled food.

EASY TO CLEAN & USE – Heat retentive material is designed to serve food hot while simpolteneaouslt the non-stick surface guides the grease and juices into the bottom part of the tray in order to keep the top surface clean for a better Grilling, Cooking & BBQ Experience.

GRILLING, COOKING & BBQ TRAY MEASUREMENTS – Grilling & Serving Tray measures 17 inch Length x 11′ inch Width x 2′ inch Height.


Sku: YG-777M
FINAL SALE (This item is for final sale and cannot be returned.)
Weight 2.26796 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 2 in
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