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Yukon Glory Wooden Trays & Cast Iron Pan Set

Yukon Glory Wooden Trays & Cast Iron Pan Set

Yukon Glory

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  • DINNER NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD - Serve up your juiciest steak or your freshest tuna with sear marks that can be seen for miles. Effortlessly go from grill to table and present your dishes on hand-assembled pine boards that will make your dinner look classy and delicious


  • THE PERFECT FOODIE GIFT - This 5 piece cast iron griddle pan set is a foodie dream and perfect for date night, steak dinners or backyard BBQs


  • SEARIOUSLY AMAZING - The cast iron grill pans for outdoor grill will create extremely pronounced sear lines, your dishes will come off the grill having rich, deep sear lines that will make even an average dish seem Michelin-starred


  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - The cast iron pans and wooden boards should be hand washed and patted dry, then season cast iron grilling pan with cooking oil as needed. The handle is dishwasher safe.


  • NO GLOVES NEEDED - The clip-on handle is tough enough to easily lift each cast iron tray from grill to table, and removes the need for gloves or cumbersome built-on handles. Simply latch the handle onto your cast iron tray and effortlessly move them. At over 8" in length, the handle is a safe, sturdy tool for transporting hot cast-iron.
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