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BBQ 'N Serve™ Basket and Drip Pan Set - 5 Piece

BBQ 'N Serve™ Basket and Drip Pan Set - 5 Piece

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Ready for a BBQ makeover that will change the way you grill?

Meet the highly acclaimed BBQ 'N Serve™ Basket Set, the ultimate accessory set for lovers of all things BBQ.

Commonly used as meat, vegetable, or fish grilling baskets, this set offers a seamless, efficient grilling experience for your favorite dishes.

Featuring our grill-to-table design, the perforated BBQ baskets allow you to grill a variety of foods simultaneously, and then repurpose them as serving trays with the help of our clip-on handle and accommodating drip pan. Innovation at its best!

Made of premium, durable stainless steel and backed by Yukon Glory's Ironclad 2-Year Limited Warranty to protect your investment. 

Get with the times, the BBQ N' Serve™ awaits!

(Also available as a 7 piece premium set, or as standalone baskets.)

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