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Sear 'N Serve Cast Iron Set

Sear 'N Serve Cast Iron Set

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This premium 5-piece sear set includes: 3 cast iron grill trays, 1 large stainless steel serving tray, and 1 universal clip on handle.

The cast iron trays will provide the darkest sear lines on your chicken, steak or veggies, for a great look and an even better flavor.

Cook a few dishes separately and allow flavor profiles to remain separated, then serve your dishes together on the cast iron serving trays for beautiful, easy tableside feasting.

The clip-on 8” handle easily lifts and transfers the cast iron trays for smooth grill-to-table convenience; no need for gloves or cumbersome built-in handles.

Product care: Stainless steel serving tray and handle are dishwasher safe. Cast iron should be hand washed, patted dry, and seasoned with cooking oil.
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