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Premium LED Grill Light

Premium LED Grill Light

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Outdoor cooking just got brighter.

Ditch the flashlight and enjoy your nighttime BBQ using our LED grill light. Simply mount the bracket on your grill handle, slide on the light, and you're set.

Avoid undercooking your meat or squinting at your meat thermometer in the dark. This trusty accessory conveniently brightens up your grill station.

This rechargeable LED light offers simple installation and removal. Included in the package is a wall charger and cord for added convenience. Enjoy well-lit grilling, anytime!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
R. C. Gold
Works perfectly

Quality construction, plenty of light.

Absolute Convenience!!!

This device finishes off my barbecue experience completely…I’ve been barbecuing for over fifty years, and have always been puzzled as to why no one has come up with a light that meets all parameters for usefulness around the grill!!!Thank you!!!FLK

Shane Srodawa
Love it!

Works like a champ

This is it!

After trying and returning other grill lights (the magnetic ones), I found this. So far, it is working absolutely perfectly! I am thrilled! It was easy as pie to put on and I love that it is USB chargeable. No more batteries. It lights my 36" Blackstone griddle and I can continue to grill after dark. I love it!

Eric Veith
Excellent Product

Very high quality build, compact but powerful, rechargeable, detachable, and turns on/off automatically when you open the lid. Cannot think of how a grill light could be better. This one is a different league vs the other one I bought alongside it to compare (one of the other top-rated items on Amazon). I would recommend this without reservations