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Premium Cast Iron Tray Set: 3 Count

Premium Cast Iron Tray Set: 3 Count

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Channel your inner pitmaster with our Premium Cast Iron Tray Set - the perfect solution for achieving the ultimate reverse sear on your steaks.  Our cast iron trays will give your chicken, steak, or veggies the mouthwatering look, texture and flavor you're craving.

Grill each dish separately, then present them together on these elegant trays for a stunning, effortless meal.

Our patented clip-on handle ensures you can lift and transport the trays securely, without the need for gloves. At 8" long, it's a reliable tool for safe handling of hot cast-iron.

Maintenance: The handle is dishwasher-safe, while the trays require a simple hand-wash, thorough drying, and a light oil seasoning to keep them in top-notch condition. Step up your grilling game, today!

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