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BBQ 'N Serve™ Wide Basket

BBQ 'N Serve™ Wide Basket

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A variation of our acclaimed BBQ 'N Serve Series, this grill basket is wider and roomier, and can grill up to 3 servings at once.

Includes a convenient clip-on handle to ensure easy and safe serving, and can be used for all BBQ 'N Serve grilling baskets.

The basket's perforated design allows for even distribution of heat, and features our signature grill-to-table design for ultimate efficiency and convenience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
S. Karasick

Easy to use handle…good for bbq fish and veggies

So Many Tools

Holes need to be a bit bigger to be effective ...snap on off handle is ok but feels like it will pop offjust could not get used to how flexy it is...

Not very Deep!

I ordered this basket, but the usable depth is about an inch. It only holds a bit over one sliced zucchini, so I'm returning it for a deeper basket.It does appear to be sturdily constructed, but I don't trust the clip-on handle that slides over the lip of the side of the basket.

Works well, but handle won't allow you to dump the basket.

I ordered the set of 3 small baskets, and I was impressed enough to order the larger wide grill basket shortly after. Each set came with one handle.These work really well and I cooked up some great veggies and shrimp on them, but a few things to note:The large wide grill basket is a little awkward to work around on a round grill if you have other items to cook. The smaller baskets are a little more versatile. Small "banana" shaped baskets would be great on a round grill! The handles work well for moving and carrying the baskets, but that's all they can really be used for. The way they hook onto the baskets is very simple and functional, but they rely on the downward weight of the basket to stay hooked, so you can't dump the baskets onto a plate using the handle, you'd need another tool like a spatula to actually remove your food from the basket or, with the smaller ones, just serve a plate with the full basket on it! Well made quality items, and they cleaned up pretty nicely too, but the handle does give you limitations.


These are excellent! Premium without a doubt. Easy to use and very secure with food on them. We use for fish and slices of squash and other veggies.