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Yukon glory Kettle Grill Basket Set 22"

Yukon glory Kettle Grill Basket Set 22"

Yukon Glory

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  • TAKE YOUR BBQ GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Looking for outdoor cooking tools & accessories - With this amazing 3-piece kettle bbq accessories for grill set that includes a clip on handle with 2 stainless steel perforated kettle grilling baskets for 22" grills - cook and serve different kinds of food at the same time!


  • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: When it comes to the BBQ grill accessories you use to prepare food for your family and loved ones, there’s no room for cutting corners. All of our kettle fish basket & grilling accessories are made with nothing but premium quality, food grade Stainless Steel


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN WITH UNIVERSAL HANDLE: Your new kettle grill pan set also includes a convenient handle that clips and unclips on any veggie grill basket or fish basket for grilling to ensure easy and safe serving - even for the hottest grilling pans


  • 3-IN-1 SET FOR PERFECT GRILLING & SERVING: Grill baskets for outdoor grill vegetables and seafood and other delicacies in these separate kettle grill baskets designed specifically for circular grills these kettle grills - save every inch of space conforming to the shape of your kettle grill


  • YUKON GLORY’S 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Here at Yukon Glory, there’s nothing more important for us than providing you with premium quality and always innovative grilling baskets for outdoor grilling that will be with you for a long, long time. That’s why all of our vegetable grill basket come with an Ironclad 1-Year Warranty – so you can chill while you grill
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